This entire blog will be about things that I find interesting and make me happy.  Funny thing actually; I’ve always been of the opinion that blogs are rather self-absorbed and the typical thing that a person of the “Me Generation” would get involved in. But, on the heels of a very recent enlightenment I decided that this would be the perfect way to track my personal growth in terms of interests and share with those (whoever may care to be involved in this journey) my progress.

I’ve decided to focus my attentions on the activities and interests rather than “the chase” of a mate (I went into this during my very first post, which might I add I rewrote five times before I could figure out how to publish it). I intend to be honest. In fact, I pledge to be honest even when said honesty  may make me look like any of the following: neurotic, silly, immature, uneducated, self-centered or a multitude of other words that describe a person not behaving properly or appropriately for their age.


2 thoughts on “About…

  1. “I’ve decided to focus my attentions on the activities and interests rather than “the chase” of a mate”…I’m right there with ya! Chasing mates has proven to be a HUGE waste of time for me! 🙂

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