Weight Lifting, Shrinking, and Moving…Or, This is What My Thirties Are Made Of

Wow, do I have a ton of catching up to do. No writing since August; seriously, Lex?

So, first let me catch you up on the whole “workin’ on my fitness” business that I’ve been doing since April.  After months of working with my tremendously strong and amazing powerlifter trainer, I’ve learned that I’m stronger than I ever imagined I’d be. I’ve been through months of deadlifting, squatting, assisted pull-ups and hours logged of arm work that made me squint my eyes and curse. And, I have to say that while I might not have loved every single moment of that work, where it’s gotten me is so worth it. I’ve officially lost 47 pounds since the end of April, and am still The Incredible Shrinking Woman. In fact, I’m physically smaller now, than I was about ten years ago when I lost more weight. Weight. Lifting. Rocks. I’m excited to see where I’m going to be in a month’s time. I strive in increase the weight that I can lift every week, and thus far, I’m deadlifting 170 and squatting 135. Not too shabby for the girl who professed to her trainer, “I hate lifting weights.”


I now call myself a gym rat. I look forward to my time “praying to iron”, pushing myself hard and seeing what my body is capable of doing. I’ve also learned that there is an awesome community that resides in the weightlifting section of my gym. People you don’t know will cheer you on when they see you struggle lift or squat that weight; they’ll high-five you, give you a huge smile, and say “awesome job!” when you’re done. It’s pretty inspiring.

Ok, what else is happening in Lex Land? I’m in the process of figuring out what the hell I’m going to do with my life and where I want to be. The struggle continues…I’m looking for work in Northern VA and in Charlottesville, hoping that an opportunity is going to pop up that will be a great fit and afford me the opportunity to move out of good ol’ Culpeper. It’s time. Change is in the air. The insufferable part of change being in the air is my lack of decision making abilities. What do I want to do? Where do I want to go?


I’m thirty-one and I’m still struggling with these questions.  A really good friend of mine likes to say that when she looks at me, it’s like she’s looking at herself when she was in her thirties. And then she assures me that while the thirties are challenging, forties are great. And, then I laugh and say I’ve got to get through this decade first.

In all actuality, thus far my thirties haven’t been nearly as challenging and full of strife as my twenties were. I’m definitely more self aware and self-assured and learning what you like and what you don’t like is, at least I believe, a huge sign of growth.

So, here’s to personal growth, self-awareness, and continued physical shrinkage!

More to come soon…I mean it this time.